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Eczema Salve

Eczema Salve

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NEW! Eczema Salve

This all-purpose salve is great for healing dry skin, chapped lips, or ashy skin. It has a slight earthy smell due to the presence of neem oil.

šŸŒ± Shea butter is a natural fat that is highly moisturizing

šŸŒ± Coconut oil is known to have healing properties for eczema

šŸŒ± Neem oil is highly moisturizing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and an analgesic

šŸŒ± Sunflower oil helps ease irritation

šŸŒ± Tea tree EO is antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and full of antioxidants

Vegan? NO. Contains beeswax.

All Natural? YES.

Phthalate free? YES.

Paraben free? YES.

Cruelty free? YES.

Detergent free? YES.

Palm oil free? YES.


Coconut oil* + raw Shea butter* + sunflower oil* + beeswax* + neem oil* + tea tree EO



Our ingredients are always All-Natural, Organic & Vegan.

How to use

We put a care card in every package that is orderd so you know just how to take care of your products!


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